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Coolin September Fest

Coolin, Hossegor - 19:00 à 01:45

Coolín Hossegor & Musique d’Apéritif
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13 – 15 Th September 2018
Supported by :
Carlsberg / The Asylum Tattoo Shop / Emd Workers
Titanic Bombe Gas
( Garage / Psych – Hossegor )

+ dj set E DartA

« Living on the south west coast of France allows you to experience various summer adventures, day and night time, and those seaside tales will be served to our customers with a spicy surf punk stoner psych dressing. »
Traduction approximative : Surf punk rock stoner psych épicé nourri par les différentes expériences estivales vécus par ces locaux de la côte sud ouest des Landes.

≈≈ Day 2 – FRIDAY 14 TH SEPTEMBER ≈≈
The Karovas Milkshake
(Pop / Psych – Russia)

+ Dj set Musique d’Apéritif

« In the days of Old and now forgotten, the Great Masters knew the secret of a fizzy cocktail named ‘les karophas mielkshag’. This wonderful drink turned everyone who tasted it into a skilled torero and kept everybody happy. Alas, the precious recipe was subsequently lost to the ages…
However, through the mirror of time, a bunch of adrenaline dudes came along and decided whatever the goodies to restore this beautiful tradition. Having united under a threatening name of the Karovas Millkshake, they went on a trip in search of the ‘Holy Grail’ of the modern age. In different portions they are mixing the sparkling rock’n’roll with lengthy psychedelia, the milky jams with marmalade bounces, the forgotten past with the present yet to come…
Let us keep our eye on them and hope the mystery of ‘les karophas mielkshag’ will be inevitably unriddled.
And, after all, how could it be not, Bob? »
Traduction approximative et résumée : milkshake rock, psyché et autres, sorte de saint Graal moderne, d’un groupe russe bien déjanté.

Bleeding Knees Club
( Garage Punk – Australia)

+ Dj set Musique d’Apéritif
+ Flash Tattoo w/ The Asylum Tattoo Shop
+ Motorcycles w/ Emd Workers

The band was formed as a duo in March 2010 by friends Alex Wall and Jordan Malane. Their first live show was at a local warehouse party.[2] They gained popularity after being played on the Australian national radio broadcaster Triple J.
In 2011 after releasing their debut EP, « Virginity » they were named in NME’s 50 Best New Bands and in Triple J’s Next Crop of Artists. Bleeding Knees Club went to New York to record their first album, « Nothing To Do, » with American producer and artist Dev Hynes, which was released on 27 February 2012. On April 14, 2017, the band released the EP, « Chew the Gum ». Bleeding Knees Club are currently signed with Iamsound Records.
Traduction : Le duo composé de Alex Wall et Jordan Malane s’est formé en 2010. Ils commencent à se faire connaitre en étant programmé sur la radio australienne Triple J. Après un premier EP en 2011, ils enregistrent leur premier album Nothing to do avec l’artiste et producteur américain Dev Hynes, sorti en 2012. En 2017, Chew the gum, nouvel ep avec le label Iamsound Records.



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